Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bridges to somewhere

Just saw the picture of the new Clinton Street bridge as proposed by the city and INDOT. It's interesting, although it does rather remind me of a steel rail roller coaster; specifically, the Raptor at Cedar Point. Since I like the Raptor a lot, I like the bridge; I'm expecting to read some negative reactions from those who like their bridge design retro. (As in, if it doesn't look Victorian, we don't like it.)
And as I was browsing the Metro section of the JG, I spied a story that clarified a story I just missed on the news last night: Was that GALLAGHER on my TV screen? Looking pretty old--kind of like he'd whacked one watermelon too many? Indeed it was--selling a melon-mobile in New Haven, of all places. And it seems Mr. Melon-whacker is at Snickerz this week.... Also, seems he had a hard time finding a latte in New Haven. No Starbucks out that way? Surely there's a local place?
And of course, given my Law of Weird Coincidences, why WOULDN'T Bowser of Sha Na Na fame appear in the same Metro section as Gallagher? Now he's "fighting for legislation to crack down on impostor bands posing as famed musicians." I guess this is different from "tribute bands," the difference being that one band lets you know they are impostors, and the other doesn't. I remember Bowser, unfortunately rather vividly. And I'm wondering if perhaps not just the impostors should be reigned in....

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