Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two of three newcomers love Ft. Wayne

Should have had a career as a headline writer, huh?
I'd never make it as a statistician, however, since my total sample was, ah, three people.
However, I can't help but find interesting different folks' reactions to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
When you're a blog reader (and, a news reader in general), one is often struck by the negativity surrounding our fair city. Got an hour to kill? Google "Ft. Wayne" (or, Fort Wayne) using the "blog" option. The posts that pop up, from all over the country, while not 100% negative, certainly lean towards the "get me out of here" attitude.
In the last couple of years, I've had the opportunity to work with three people who moved here from various parts of the country, who are at various stages of their lives, and the reactions are telling.
While the young single woman was happy to see Fort Wayne in her rear-view mirror as she moved to Chicago last fall (after a couple of years here), two other people are finding our city more than adequate.
One family, who are dealing with some serious health problems, have found the city to be welcoming, the health care excellent, and the cost of living very affordable (they moved here from Las Vegas).
Another, who moved from California, is appreciating the good schools, the low cost of housing, and the friendliness of his new neighborhood.
And this might be the most amazing thing of all to those of us Midwesterners weary of winter:
They love the weather!
They love the way it changes, the extreme-ness, the way it affects what everybody does.
Who would ever thing that people from NEVADA and CALIFORNIA would love INDIANA weather?
Yet they do. And perhaps we should learn a lesson from these transplants and stop and smell the snowfall a little more often.

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