Monday, January 14, 2008

SR14: Trees, gone! (1,000 post!)

We drove by too quickly for me to get a picture, but our Major Moves 2008 project appears to have begun on SR14 (Illinois Road).
This road is going to be widened to four lanes plus a center turning lane. Being sacrificed for progress are all the trees on either side of the road.
Wow, does it look bare.
I had blogged previously about now some residents of SR14 are preparing for the widening by installing big bunkers of dirt in front of their houses. Other people are just giving up and have big "For Sale, Commercial Potential" signs in their yards.
I think perhaps the people with signs are the smart ones, but it would be hard to give up one's home to more asphalt, so I understand those bunkers.
One thing for sure: Even if I will appreciate a smoother flow of traffic, especially when trying to turn left out of Deerfield, or at the Hadley Road stop light, I really dread the months they actually do the work. It's going to be a mess.
Here's a prediction: Bass Road, Covington Road, and Aboite Center Road will all be worked on at the same time. Effectively keeping me locked in my house.

Ed. note: This is my 1,000 post on Common Sensibilities! WOW! What fun it's been! Thanks everyone who visits!

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  1. Happy 1000! =) I pray that your other "prediction" doesn't bear out. . .