Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random thoughts around town

Construction update: Hadn't been to Jefferson Pointe in a week or so, but when we ventured that way last weekend, there was major progress on the Orchard Crossing shopping center (aka, TARGET). Traffic be damned, what fun it will be to have even more shopping choices.

Kudos to Hires: My car developed a Mystery Illness that my car guy in Huntington could not diagnose, despite the fact I spent almost $300 with them on preventative maintenance. When disaster struck on my way home from that investment on Friday, Hires came through on Saturday. First, kudos also to Pro Tow and AAA for a quick tow on Saturday; then, a quick, correct diagnosis from Hires with a go-the-extra-mile to save me some money by finding the parts my car needed in town, saving me time and money over manufacturer-ordered parts. That they had it done by 4:30 Saturday was unbelievable. Now, if I could just get over that $800 bill....

Greg Shoup's weather blog: Into every life some rain must fall. Get the inside scoop on forecasting and all things weather-related. If you're fascinated by the Midwest's weather, make Greg daily reading! Oh, and he answers a question of mine today! Thanks, Greg!

Mitchell books: I've never been in a bookstore I didn't like, chain or locally owned: surely this world has room for both. But what great deals I got yesterday on two books that were perfect for a friend's birthday! Plus, if you're "in their system," on Mondays you get an additional 10% off. I think I'll be making Mitchell's a Monday stop.

Rt. 14/Illinois Road: Is looking pretty denuded. When you look closely at where the survey stakes are placed, it seems in some areas we'll be driving in peoples' livingrooms. Guess those embankments were not such a bad idea. And I for sure am not looking forward to months of messy construction, which will block my way to all my necessary shopping stops.

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