Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One of those wacky headlines days on I love so much

Everyday day has a couple, but only once a month or so is there such a plethora of news wackiness:
First Read: Did tearfulness help? Not particularly wacky, but so predictable: I knew as soon as I saw this little moment of emotion on TV that I'd be hearing about it ... maybe forever.
Tornadoes and flooding claim 6 lives. Six people dead is not funny, but tornadoes in January, weather-wacky.
China declares war on plastic bags. Better than us, I guess. Hope it goes well for them.

Man spots wife during visit to brothel.. But I suppose this is better than the other way around? Or not?
Idaho man amputates, microwaves hand.As the story makes clear, this guy was beyond wacky -- but seriously mentally ill. And as the article states, it's really sad.
The best is last:
Green pig gives birth to glowing piglets. Get your sunglasses on, and bring out the ham.

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