Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leaves on our street

We have a weird little street. It's like two connected cul-de-sacs. (Or is it, culs-de-sac?) Anyway, it's not a very long street, and it's shaped funny, like a "u." Both ends come out on the same street, about six houses away from each other.

One end of the street--one side, really--has lots of trees, and the rest of the street, not so much.

Good news and bad news for us, personally, about being in the city, and the leaves.

Good news, we live on the side of the street with fewer trees, so it's kind of not our problem.

Good news, for our neighbors across the street with leaves, our recent annexation into the city means the leaves get picked up by said city.

Bad news, the leaves get raked down by the street and look terrible until the crew comes to suck them up with the big leaf vacuum cleaner thingy.

Bad news, it snowed before the last scheduled pickup and the leaves that were in the street stayed there.

Bad news, they look terrible.

Bad news, they are still there, and we have to look at them.

Bad news, we are not the only street with old leaves messing up our neighborhood.

Worst news, we pay 62% higher taxes for this.

Good news, sooner or later the leaves will disappear: either the leaf-sucking crew will eventually come and suck them up, or the wind will blow them away, hopefully before spring, when the cycle starts again.

See, I wanted to end with good news, because I am an optimistic, happy person. And if leaves in the street are the worst of our problems, we are doing pretty dang good.

But I'm still a little depressed about that taxes thing.

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