Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Court hears Ind. voter ID case - Crime & courts-

Court hears Ind. voter ID case - Crime & courts- "Chief Justice John Roberts, who grew up in Indiana, and Justice Antonin Scalia indicated strong support for the state law. Justice Clarence Thomas said nothing, but most often votes with his conservative colleagues."

CNN had Indiana stories back-to-back this morning. The first was on the flooding in Lafayette, and the second was the Supreme Court arguments on Indiana's strict voter ID requirements.

Interesting excerpts from the testimony:

"Souter and Justice John Paul Stevens pressed Fisher on the state's problems with voter registration rolls, which Fisher acknowledged are among the nation's worst in terms of retaining the names of the dead and those who have moved. Indianans are not required to show photo ID to register."

"Justice Stephen Breyer wondered why the state doesn't just give photo IDs to newly registered voters who otherwise lack them."

"Paul Smith, representing the challengers, told the justices that there is no evidence of in-person voter fraud in Indiana. He said the law is a subtle way 'to skew the outcome on election days.'"

Why IS voter fraud such an important issue to our legislators?

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