Friday, January 25, 2008

Comcast, Verizon raise prices | The Journal Gazette

Comcast, Verizon raise prices | The Journal Gazette: "Verizon Communications Inc. sent letters to area customers announcing it would raise its new subscriber rates almost 12 percent starting Feb. 17. Existing customers will pay the current rates until their one- or two-year contracts expire."

Small comfort--that one-to-two year window of no increase.

We were just at Glenbrook tonight and Verizon had a kiosk near Starbucks. They were advertising their new package, which includes a free TV. Nice idea.

The price, in big numbers, for an internet/TV/phone packages, was $114. Which sounds great, and is the package I am supposed to have.

The trouble is, my bill is $165, and there's not much I can do about it--what that $114 price doesn't include is the DVR box, or even the standard boxes. Plus, we have a $7.99 sports package (which, as you know, does NOT include the Big 10 Network).

Anyway, add in the boxes, the sports package, and the taxes, and it's $50 more. Doesn't it seem to you that truth in advertising should apply a little more strictly?

Don't get me started on my cell bill.

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