Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Too much snow, too few snowplows

I don't know about you, but I noticed a dearth of snowplows out this morning.
I know the county is short-staffed and under-budgeted, but I was on state routes and city streets. I had to run an errand into town first, what bad timing!
My addition, for which we pay extra to have plowed, was fine.
But Illinois Road/SR14 was terrible--backed up to Bandito's from Hadley Road. I could see no evidence of any snow removal at all.
Traffic was moving better from Hadley down Illinois, but it was very snowy.
Even Jefferson was terrible, and I saw two wrecks from Time Corners to I69.
A car in the median backwards, going nowhere fast.
SR24 was not good, and it wasn't until I got west of Roanoke that I saw evidence of any plowing.
I did see two heading into Ft. Wayne.
Thank goodness the snow is letting up, I predict the drive home will be fine.

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