Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thank you St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm

For growing the best Christmas tree ever! A seven-foot Douglas fir with a perfect shape and just the right fullness. It only took 10 people to track it down, pick it out, cut it down, and drag it to the barn. St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm makes it so fun and easy. This year they had all the trees eligible to be cut tagged with the type, size and price! It was great. No surprises at the measuring station. I love the way the put the tree in the shaker, then wrap it in twine and it's ready to go. I also got a beautiful, huge wreath for the front window. It's got a big red bow, too.
And the free hot chocolate was MUCH appreciated, although it certainly wasn't the coldest trek we've had out there. The sun felt great. It was only later in the day the freezing rain moved in!
Once we got it home, it just took a couple hours to bring it in, set it up, and trim it up. It turned out great.

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