Monday, December 3, 2007

Saturday ice causes Ft. Wayne crashes ... duh

WANE-TV Coverage You Can Count On: Weather Causes Nearly 100 Crashes in Fort Wayne: "The snow and sleet that fell Saturday evening laid a sheet of ice on the roads, and that caused a lot of problems for drivers."

Saturday night, I had the pulse-pounding pleasure of driving from northwest Ft. Wayne to southwest Ft. Wayne. It took twice as long as normal, and the glare of ice in the headlines was warning enough to me to slow down. Obviously not everyone got the warning, as people were driving like maniacs with the resultant reward, a fender bender (or worse). Huegenard to Cook Road was gerrible, with a fender bender hanging us up on Cook. SR 33 little better, then we had the good fortune to get behind a salt truck on I69 that made for smooth sailing on the SR14. The additions, of course, were the worst of all.

I stayed up that night to watch the news, and since we had been watching Ohio State fall into the national championship game (thank you Oklahoma and Missouri!), that news had to be "21Alive." (How long have they been "21Alive"? I mean, really? I bet for over 25 years. Matter of fact, maybe 30 years--they may have been "21Alive" during the blizzard of '78, and since it's the 30th anniversary of that, I'm sure I'll be subjected to legacy footage at some point. What in the world kind of marketing department must they have to allow them to keep such a lame moniker for so long?)

I think if the entire region were wiped out by an ice storm, Eric Olsen would come calmly on what would then out of necessity be called "21Half-alive" and announce in a monotone that "he is legend."

It wasn't much better last Saturday night. They must have been running on a skeleton crew because there were no live reports of any kind--a short clip of stopped traffic on a highway (unidentified, must have been I69 but hard to tell), a monotone that weather was bad, then a weather report! Doesn't that station even have a police scanner that they could have reported "a rash of accidents"? They must not, because they didn't.

They must not have even an extra TV, because if nothing else they could have watched what I'm sure was a much more comprehensive, better reported, and timely Channel 15 story at 11, and ripped it off!

I repeat from previous posts: the channel 21/33 news marriage is an embarrassment to the city.

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  1. Re: your poll ... where's "The Nutcracker?" Easily the best thing about Christmas in the Fort.