Friday, December 21, 2007

The Forgotten Indiana Project

Chris Crawford Fine Art: The Forgotten Indiana Project: "I grew up in Fort Wayne, the second largest city in Indiana. All my life I was fascinated by the simple beauty of the rural areas of northeast Indiana that surround the city. Most of these photographs were made in Allen County but many were made in other parts of northeast Indiana such as Huntington and Whitley Counties."

Click through to this web site FAST. If you appreciate the beauty of the Midwest--and most who do are either artists/photographers/or poets--you will find this young man's photography familiar, haunting, and stunning beautiful.

When I talk to people who move here from other parts of the country, it takes about 30 seconds to discover if they're going to make it or not. I remember talking to a young person, several years ago, who had just moved to Indiana from Colorado. She spoke as if she'd just moved to one of the lower regions of hell. Short termer.

On the other hand, I know two people who've moved here, one from Las Vegas and one from California, who love it. They love the weather--the extremes, the challenges, the unpredictability. They love the friendliness, the ease of getting about, the lack of pretension.

I'm not artist, nor photographer, nor much of a poet. But I truly appreciate the photos of Chris Crawford, and I hope you take a moment to enjoy them, too.

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  1. Hi Cathy,

    I subscribe to your blog and have lurked for awhile. This post brought me out of lurk mode - I'm a transplant and I LOVE it here! I just posted a lengthy entry about it on my blog for another blog, please take a look when you get a chance to get another perspective from someone who is happy that I moved here!

    Take care,