Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas at Ft. Wayne's Coney Island

It's just not Christmas in Ft. Wayne until we make it to Coney Island.
The Weiner Stand, that is.
We headed downtown about 6 to meet with Angela and the gang in the parking lot in front of the big Santa. Main Street was busy and lots of people joined us as turned into the lot and grabbed a space. As we drove by Coney Island, people were lined up out the door waiting for hot dogs and a table.
After admiring Santa and the reindeer winking and blinking and cracking the whip above us, we ponied up in line and didn't wait long until we had grabbed a table. Four city policemen were eating behind us, and families and young people alike were crowded around us at tables and at the counter.
I was amazed as usual at the calm organization of the servers as they took our complicated order (two coneys, just cheese; two coneys, no cheese; two coneys, plain; three coneys, get it) and kept it straight. Plus drinks--with the teeny little bottles of Coke being the beverage of choice, of course.
By the time we left, the place was still packed but the line for a table had disappeared.
We returned to the parking lot for a quick visit with Santa, then headed out to Franke Park for a drive through the AWS Christmas displays. This has really grown (I think the program said this is the 13th year?) and if the first time we went, it seemed like there were only about 10 displays, now it's almost 60. With the information/music radio station tuned in, we appreciated the clear roads (reminiscing about one year when ice almost prevented us from making it up a hill on the route).
I still miss Christmas at the Zoo (even through we spent a lot of time freezing as we walked around with two little kids!), but we really enjoyed this evening too.
Surely, Fort Wayne is at its best at Christmas time!

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