Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why Pittsburgh Mayoral Candidate DeSantis Mentioned Ft. Wayne

From a Pittsburgh blog writer, here's more about why Mark DeSantis mentioned Ft. Wayne. Interesting, and this blogger does not feel the need to diss us.

Pittsburgh Dish: Dish meets DeSantis: "By way of ideas, DeSantis mentioned Ft. Wayne, Ind., as a model for what he promises will be a fiscally prudent, performance-based DeSantis administration. Ft. Wayne, he said, compares the cost and benefits to the public of city services to 'model' city services provided elsewhere. The results are annually released to the public and Ft. Wayne resident can see, in black-and-white, the bang they get for their tax bucks. This method, DeSantis says, drives city department heads to become increasingly efficient."

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