Friday, November 16, 2007

What's wrong with this picture? Or not?

Okay, if the good news is that FWCS made changes so that cold diesel fuel won't clog up buses and make them late, the other good news in this picture is the bus driver isn't smoking a cigarette.

Because, in my print copy of the NS, there's a cigarette hanging from her mouth.


  1. Cathy, you have wait too much time on your busy schedule to catch that one. But my 22 year old daughter saw the picture in the and said, "She must know the flash point of diesel fuel is pretty darn high!"

    Now the question of the day is. Was she gassing up and smoking before she was to set out picking up children or after she had done so? Just a little sick humor.

  2. My fervent hope was that the cigarette in the paper wasn't lit!

  3. If I were giving that person the "benefit of any doubt", she "could" have a PEN in her mouth...right?

    Then again, the FUEL ITSELF won't combust outright, but those FUMES are something to steer WAY clear of.

    Kudos to JQT's daughter - she's right...diesel fuel DOES has a higher combustion point.


  4. Whew. . .I thought *I* was seeing things when I looked at that picture.