Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is FIOS, chopped liver? "The Big Ten Network, which debuted in late August, has deals with 157 companies, including DirecTV, Dish Network, Insight Communications and AT&T U-verse (an online provider not available everywhere), that reach 30 million homes, although only seven million are in the Big Ten region. It has no agreement with Comcast (the biggest cable provider in the Big Ten region and the main provider in Indiana) or with the three other largest cable companies."

Pete DiPrimio wrote an otherwise very interesting and informative article about the Big Ten Network and its absence from the Comcast channel lineup. I know sports fans are angry about this--my neighbors alerted me to an online petition folks can signed asking that BTN be added. But how could he write this article and never even mention the status of BTN with Verizon FIOS TV customers?

I've been Googling news for days and not finding much of anything on the subject. WANE-TV reported earlier this week that Verizon was going to add BTN "in 2008," but didn't elaborate, name their source, or give any more exact date (hey, 2008 is a long year).

I can't find anything on the Verizon site stating this, nor is there anything in any forums or news releases.

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