Friday, November 9, 2007

Rezoning for strip mall defeated | The Journal Gazette

Rezoning for strip mall defeated | The Journal Gazette: "Commissioner Linda Bloom said the decision was simple because the retail shops and gas station were not compatible with the surrounding development."

I had written about this some time ago, because I'd been on that corner and thought the residents were crazy to think they could fight this rezoning--given the enthusiastic rezoning activity of commissioners in the southwest area. Also, that there was already a gas station just across the street from the proposed development.

Well, was I wrong. I guess the gas station already there doesn't count as "surrounding development."

Gets me wondering about the SR14/Illinois Road development going on near me. Has all that area been rezoned, or has it always been zoned for business? Because almost all the houses up for sale (and there are many) have signs that say "possible commercial development."

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