Monday, November 26, 2007

No Colts or Hoosiers, here or there

State in line to mediate cable feud if FCC fumbles | The Journal Gazette: "Rep. Scott Reske, D-Pendleton, plans to introduce legislation in January to resolve the dispute between cable companies and independent programmers – including the NFL Network and the Big Ten Network."

We here in Ft. Wayne are not the only ones feeling the pain of limited Big Ten basketball.

While in northern Ohio over the holiday, we found that our hosts (aka, our families) are in an even worse boat than us. Not only do they both have no Big Ten Network, they also did not have the NFL Network. So no Colts and no Hoosiers.

If one of the sticking points is putting the BTN on the sports tier, why not just put it there so at least some of us can see games, and negotiate away to move it to the regular tier?

We did discover last week that BTN is streaming some games online for free.

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