Monday, November 5, 2007

A lucky break

Well, avid readers will recall two things, one, I am sick and two, I just had my birthday. And everyone knows we must vote tomorrow.

How does that all come together? With a trip to Walgreen's.

I ventured to work today, with the help of some cold medicine. Which I was almost out of. So at lunch I ran to Walgreen's to restock.

And, of course, the medicine I wanted was one of those you have to sign your life away to buy. Including handing over your driver's license.

Which, upon inspection, had expired yesterday, my birthday. So, I could not buy the medicine.

And, if I didn't re-up my license, I couldn't vote on Tuesday! Oh no!

I hopped in the car and speed over to the Huntington branch, thanking God on my way over that I had heard on WBOI this morning that branches were open today, Monday, especially for identity emergencies such as mine!

What luck. Just one or two other customers, no one in the license line, and in literally five minutes (and $24.50) I had my new license in hand, ready to purchase that cold med AND exercise my right to vote!

Go Vote!

Oh, and results of the mayor's poll: Kelty 6, Henry 5.

Oh, and FYI: we used to be able to renew our licenses at any time during our birthday month. No more--it expires on THE day. The good news, for that $24.50, the license lasts five years.

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