Tuesday, November 27, 2007

History preserved, reconfigured, useful

Harrison walkway approved | The Journal Gazette: "Kelly Updike, Embassy executive director, thanked the foundation, which she said has been a longtime supporter of the theater. She said the next challenge will be how to take advantage of the renovations in an effort to use four floors of the building that sit empty."

There was a letter to the editor last week that took the walkway project to task for corrupting the architectural lines of the building with a walkway "ramming into the side." And other bloggers have questioned the advisability of building an elevated walkway when the whole point of Harrison Square is to get people walking around downtown.

To me, it comes down to two points: One, how to get those four floors renovated. As beautiful as the theater proper is, and the lobby, the thought that there are four floors falling to wrack and ruin has always bothered.

And I've said before, if we had June weather all year 'round, no, we don't need a walkway. Unfortunately, this is Ft. Wayne, not Ft. Wayne South (aka, Ft. Myers, Florida), and here's why we need a walkway: November through March.

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