Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's why I can't watch Heroes

Okay, perhaps you remember my experience in watching last season's finale of Heroes online. It put me in rather a stunned, stupefied, coma-like state. Which was too bad, because I was ready to adopt a new favorite show, and Heroes was a leading candidate.

Just now, in the interest of giving it a second chance, I visited the Heroes episode round-up site to see what was going on, and here's what I read:

"So that’s how he ended up in that box: Greeting Peter in the Montreal warehouse, Adam/Kensei suggested that he use his healing powers to reverse the damage caused by the Haitian’s amnesia powers. And with that, Peter flashed back four months earlier, filling in the season’s gaps, starting with him pushing Nathan away just before he went fully nuclear midair. After he took Nathan to the hospital, Elle blasted Peter into unconsciousness to take him to Bob, who offered him a cure for his powers. But Peter grew distrustful thanks to Adam, who was quite the chatterbox from the cell next door. Secretly quitting his power-canceling medication, he phased through the wall and escaped with Adam to see Nathan, only to be found by Elle and the Haitian. With Peter’s shirt burned off by Elle’s electricity, the Haitian chased him into a cargo container, where he chained him, gave him his necklace and took his memories... to protect him, not to hurt him."

Somebody save me. If this isn't the most incomprehensible plotline ever, it should be. Amnesia powers? Going fully nuclear ... in mid-air (I saw that). Bob? Power-canceling medication? A shirt burned off by electricity? Took his memories?

And this is just ONE character's synopsis!

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