Saturday, November 17, 2007

Go Cougs!

Plethora of talent | The Journal Gazette: "“It’s the system at Saint Francis that makes them so good, along with their quality of football players.”"

Our son's freshman year at USF coincided with the first football season of the Cougars. He was a baseball player, and for fund-raising, the baseball team parked the cars. So we started attending games to ... support the baseball team.

But did we have fun, and even in that first season when wins were few, we could tell something special was happening. As indeed it has.

We don't get to many games any more, but we follow every game and recommend every football fan in Ft. Wayne that we talk to try a game.

The tournament starts today, and though we can't go to the game, we'll be following on the radio and yelling GO COUGS! in all the right spots.

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