Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ft. Wayne: As always, obsessed with the past

Fort Wayne Television Golden Memories - News- "For two nights, Indiana's NewsCenter's Linda Jackson takes a look back at the shows, their stars and their fans from the earliest days of television in Fort Wayne."

I've lived in Ft. Wayne a long time, since 1975. But if I were asked to describe the place, here's what I'd answer:
"Obsessed with the past."

Even when we first moved here, I noticed it. The campaign to save the Embassy had just occurred, and it took me awhile to figure out what all those bumper stickers that said "I gave to save the Embassy" meant. (And although I appreciate it now, then I thought: why are they so worried about this old theater?)

And what was this "Wolf and Dessauer" people kept talking about? I had no clue, but I from the way people waxed rhapsodic about it, it figured it must have been a small extension of heaven that had made its way to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

And that beer garden or whatever? Could it really have been that much fun or had food that good?

I'll never know, for this stuff was gone by the time I moved here. Although downtown was more lively--L.S. Ayers was still there, and Murphy's. Wasn't long before they were history, too.

The current emphasis on downtown redevelopment has brought all the best, and worst, out about what Fort Wayne was/used to be/could be. Sometimes I think if I read one more letter to the editor about how wonderful downtown used to be, and why don't we just bring that back, I might move back to Ohio.

Count on a November sweeps month to drag our TV stations down memory lane. Because I think Channel 15 is having a little walk there, too. I'm trying to imagine the planning meetings these stations much have had: "The future isn't here yet! The present sucks! Let's concentrate on the good old days! Get me everything you've got on Hilliard Gates and Ann Cologne!"

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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    OK. You might move back to Ohio if you hear one more thing about how good Fort Wayne used to be: Downtown Fort Wayne used to be GREAT! Are you gone yet?

    Only someone who grew up in the Fort Wayne area and enjoyed the activites that were available downtown such as Christmas lights, shopping in the snow, the giant Christmas tree in the arch by Murphy's, Fishmans, Stillmans, etc. could ever understand the simplicity of people shopping and enjoying each other's company. Not to mention customer service!

    Apparently, people from Ohio have no fond recollections of their past heritage. We all know they have no shopping available(which is why every Saturday the streets in Fort Wayne are clogged with poking Ohio drivers.