Friday, November 16, 2007

Do I feel better, or worse?

That even the people on the plane were just as clueless as we below (including the air traffic controllers) of the potential collision? How many times does this happen, and no one knows except the pilots?

Mid Air Close Call in Skies Above Fort Wayne | Indiana's NewsCenter: Fort Wayne WPTA-TV, WISE-TV, CW, My Network, and Weather Plus | Local & Regional: "Carol Skornicka/Midwest Airlines: ' We've had no reports of any awareness in the cabin, that the passengers were even cognizant that this was taking place, and the pilots tell us that the flight attendants didn't even ask what was happening.'"


  1. Cathy:
    Amazing what goes on OVER our noses, eh?
    The FAA used to REQUIRE an area of 1/2 MILE between aircraft...and even THAT was considered borderline "too close" (near-miss), and would get an ATC (air traffic controller) a reprimand. TWO incidents like that (within 6 months) would get them fired!

    We had two situations in NJ years had an aircraft ENGINE wind up in some farmer's field, and another had blue LIQUID falling on cars in a small town near the Philly Int'l airport (potty fluid).

    It can happen in Ft. Wayne, and most likely will sooner or later.

    I live on the approach vector to runway 2-3 (N/S) about FOUR miles outbound, and there are times when pilots either land OR take off WAY too low!
    The FAA minimum altitude is about 1100 feet, but these planes come overhead well under 1000.

    There used to be a "localizer" (device which conveys altitude) that worked at FWIA, but for over 7 years, they have had none (the parts were too old to replace or repair).

    I even met with the FWIA board, and I was led to believe that things would improve. They haven't.

    And with larger aircraft coming over now (Arrow & Centurion Cargo), these DC-10s make for an interesting show.

    I just hope all the bolts are good and tight, and that the ATCs are paying attention.

    Aircraft parts never studied physics, so they have no alternative but to FALL.

    Glad someone posted about this.


  2. I'm Sorry, I meant to say... "an area of 1-2 MILES between aircraft" NOT a HALF mile...don't want to alarm anyone.
    (everything else apprears right otherwise)
    Got a bit ahead of myself, and I'm only a 40 WPM