Thursday, November 29, 2007

A bit of local history:Traveling the Lima Plank Road

Traveling the Lima Plank Road: "Transportation routes in those early times included trails, both of Indians and early settlers, wagon roads, stage lines, plank roads and, finally, railroads. Among the most ambitious of these prior to the first railroad entering Fort Wayne in 1854 was the Lima Plank Road."

If you love local history, as I do, don't miss this article from the web site. Isn't it hard to imagine driving on roads made of WOOD?

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  1. What a shame was they cut down massive walnut, cherry, and hickory trees to build these roads. None of the lasted very long.

    Back in the 1830's it would take a man and his wagon two to three days to reach downtown Fort Wayne from about 2 miles north of Decatur. It was not uncommon for a husband to be gone a week to make the round trip into the "big city!"

    What we drive in mintues today took days to drive just 150-160 years ago.