Monday, October 8, 2007

Your subscription is free, not Expired

Working in publishing for most of my career, its future is something I ponder during those long lonely hours at work waiting for my computer to DO SOMETHING!
The publishing industry literature (which I read while waiting, when I'm not pondering) is a testament to a well-established business model in flux. Bad, bad flux. How do print publishers stay alive in the 21st century? How do they present their material online? Do they charge for all or part of it? Do they continue to offer print issues? How do they embrace the Web 2.0 innovations? How do they embrace the web, period? How do they stay in business?
Part of the problem how difficult it is for well-established print publishers to really think outside the box--to truly integrate their print editions (and print does still have a life) (right, Ft. Wayne Newspapers?) and everything a web presence can offer. Everything. From reader-generated news to new ways to present content. Especially looking to the future, al those Gen X-ers and Y-ers--that print demographic (baby boomers) is not gettin' any younger.
Anyway, thanks to Fort Wayne Observed, I discovered local online magazine Expired, and I feel I've seen the future of publishing--or at least, some potential for it.
Edgy, graphic, local, cool--ya know, ya kind of have to dig around the ole "family-friendly" Summit City to find it, but dang, there's some originality out there.
I might be a 51-year-old gramma, but as a long-time editor and writer, I appreciate innovation and creativity--Expired's got it. Check it out>

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