Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why I love regional wines

I'll never be a wine connoisseur. I'm terrible at remembering one Italian wine region from another, and my palate is about as unsophisticated as Diet Coke.

But I do love regional wines, and my dad and I have had a blast visiting northern Ohio wineries and tasting away. We sampled several of this vineyard's offerings at Taste of Ohio in Sandusky in August, and liked them a lot.

An award-winning pinot noir wine is made at St. Joseph Vineyard in Northeast Ohio - "It was winemaking as usual on a recent sun-polished morning in rural Lake County. Grapes finally go sweet during this fleeting time of fall, so the volunteers harvesting at St. Joseph Vineyard were in full swing. Oh, and a travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle stopped by for some of Ohio's best pinot noir. Californians? Here for the wine?"

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