Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Verizon FIOS TBS baseball playoff panic

Slight panic tonight upon arriving home, about 8:30 p.m. Tuned into the normal TBS station, where we were expecting the Red Sox/Angels game to be on, only to discover a blank screen and a "this game subject to local blackout" message.
MAJOR blowout from the Cub's fan controlling the remote...I mean, meltdown major. If the Red Sox/Angels weren't there...WHERE WOULD THE CUBS NOT BE!?
Frantic surfing, a little Googling. The surfing uncovered the game on the Spanish language TBS channel 502. I didn't turn anything up Googling it; you'd have thought Verizon would announce something like this.
We wonder just WHY this clue.
I did Google up something I'd already read; TBS HD will not be available on FIOS til next year.
Baseball FIOS customers NOT happy about that one.
I just had a half-hour go-round with Verizon FIOS last week about my bill--it's been screwed up since we got FIOS TV. It might or might not be fixed; guess I won't know until a) I get next month's bill or b) my TV gets turned off.
I like it that on Facebook, the gadget that ports my blog entries to my profile page is called FLOG.
Sometimes blogging is much like FLOGGING!

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