Friday, October 19, 2007

Slip-slidin' on the Tribe Side

Indians fans divided between optimism and panic - Tribe Tracker: Cleveland Indians news, rumors, audio and more: "So the Indians lost Game 5. Game 6 on the road? We've been here before in the ALCS, Tribe fans. Remember 1995? Or 1997? Those turned out alright. Last night's a distant memory now. Let's turn our attention to Game 6 and get behind our team as they try to conquer Beantown. So think positive Cleveland...or at least pretend."

Okay, so I've been exhausted for three weeks, and it's gotten the Indians this far. Last night, a killer--up 'til 12:30 and a loss. It seems easier when they win. Because when they win, I'm tired and happy and still a little buzzed. When they lose...I'm tired and depressed, and it's a long day.

I really, really wanted them to win at home last night--too many bad losses away from home over the last decade. The fans would have gone crazy.

But instead, back to Boston, and all the "great-story-line" Red Sox stories, and way too much about Schilling's bloody sock and his amazing performance, and all that 2004 blah blah blah.

So now we're set for either we win or we lose, in a game or two, and I hear the Rockies are trying to trademark "Rocktober," and everybody in the media wants that good story line, and the East Coast TV audience, and who cares about Cleveland?

Well, me. So tomorrow night I'll be AIS, waving my white Kleenex, stayin' on the Tribe Side.

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  1. Come on people. The Indians lost one game. Panic is not in order unless you have already lost faith in your team. Gosh, sure hope the players have not.

    While not be an Indian fan it is great to see them doing so well. Then again they got a great manager from here.

    Yes, I am a Cub fan and I can not wait for next year. Or is that the year after next. Heck, it will be some year sooooooooonnnnn, I hope