Monday, October 15, 2007

A sad blog entry about Ft. Wayne

The unique thing about today. . .

"I've been to Fort Wayne, Indiana now. I have to say, there's not a lot to do there. The vacant car dealerships as you exit off of I-69 onto Lima Rd. really tell the tale. That town seems to be drying up. When you get downtown and see that they're clearing space for a sports stadium, you get the idea that the place is preparing for a rebound. I literally did nothing but listen to conference calls while I was there and assist with troubleshooting one problem. The whole thing could have been done over the phone. I was only there as a safety net to keep the project on track if things went horribly wrong, and they didn't."

This is the blog of a guy named Charles Hill I stumbled across. He also posts a picture of the Eckrich housemobile, which was parked next to where he was working. And he found it silly.

The lesson learned from this entry is, I think, duh, let's clean up the Lima Road entrance to the city. Those c-ment pillars left from the failed Radisson experiment should go, too. Although now that the field is becoming more overgrown, it's rather picturesque in certain lights.

Isn't it interesting and fun to "see" your city through the eyes of someone who's never been there, doesn't care, probably won't come back, and has unknown preconceived notions?

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  1. Here's another one I found awhile back. This one is unfair: