Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rebounding for the Tribe; eating my way 'round the Fort

All right, I am over my funk of Thursday night and ready for the Tribe to take on the Red Sox, even in the mean green confines. I am just praying Curt Shilling has not fallen and scraped his ankle or knee, or cut himself shaving, or ANYTHING that involves blood that might be visible on his person tonight. Because we just don't need that kind of karma. I hope Curt Shilling is blood-free.
Last night we ate at Casa, and I enjoyed every bite. Last week, we ate at Bandito's, and ditto. I really enjoyed both meals.

I bring it up because I was blog-browsing this week, and came upon a couple of posts that bashed, and rather soundly, both establishments.

After reading those posts, I immediately felt like a member of the Ft. Wayne hoi-polloi, and (for a moment) regretted my plebeian leanings, and thought of the meals I'd had in other, more urban settings, that conformed more truly to the ethnicity of the respective cuisines. And wondered, what was I THINKING! to have actually ENJOYED the DOZENS of watered-down meals in these common Ft. Wayne establishments! Oh, the inhumanity of subjecting me to INDIFFERENT CUISINE!

Oh well criminy! I live in Ft. Wayne, not NYC, or Chicago. And when I go to those more sophisticated places I will enjoy all the food adventures they have to offer. And while in Ft. Wayne, I might even venture outside my comfort zone and find more "authentic" representations.

However: I'm not going to apologize for my Midwestern palate, and go ahead and enjoy the Indiana versions of Italian, Mexican, Chinese, et al. Because, darn it, I really liked that Casa salad, sole, and pasta Friday-night special last night, and the house pino grigio wasn't bad either, and congrats Casa on 30 years in business.

Because you must be doing something right for the folks who patronize you so faithfully.

And note, Bandito's: I don't care what anyone on any blog says, your fresh salsa is awesome. And I've eaten a lot of salsa.

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