Sunday, October 7, 2007

News, ignored

Speaking of music, in the extremely brief briefs about high school band on Saturday, (and, no, I will not apologize for my obsession or my devotion) it was mentioned that part of the festival at Homestead was canceled because of the heat. At dinner tonight at Bandito's, we overheard a conversation about that very topic--that the kids, in their heavy wool uniforms, were "dropping like flies."
Where was the story about THAT? I believe I have blogged about what huge productions these festivals are--hundreds of students, thousands of spectators--and to cancel even part of one has never occurred in my memory.
To think that an activity of this size could 1) happen and be ignored [status quo] and 2) be disrupted because of the heat makes me wonder 3) just what the hell would have to happen at one of these things to BE news?
Just wonderin'.

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