Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My political prayer

Dear God, thank you, thank you that I live in the city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. For surely, Lord, no where else on earth could produce a story like this one today, about the ... the ...the Go Matt GO birthday cake.
Lord, surely in your infinite goodness, if anyone was wavering in their decision about whom to vote for mayor next month, this is the burning bush you have sent. Complete with outhouse.
Thank you for the wide-ranging coverage of this blessed cake, and let all take advantage of the Internet you have given us to do our research:
From WANE: Kelty Cake Controversy Raises Republican Eyebrows where I so thankfully read this quote: ""I was more offended for McGauley and Souder, who have been great Republicans," said Mitson. "I mean, they've got to wake up and see their face on toilet papers on Matt's birthday cake."
From WPTA: Kelty's Cake Controversy
From the Journal Gazette:
Kelty contrite after ‘wicked' poke with cake, a story which actually included this quote: "The photo I don’t think should have been put on my Web site,” Kelty said. “I don’t endorse the comments made on the cake.” Lord, save us!
From the News-Sentinel: No cake for them.
From the blogosphere (Google search)
Ft. Wayne Observed: No cake for them.
Change Ft. Wayne: My Klassy Kelty Kake (among others) He can have this cake and screw that up too

Lord, thank you for allowing me to live long enough to experience this bakery boondoggle, for bringing me to this fair city (even thought it took over 30 years), and for the wealth of easy information at my fingertips. Also, for full-color photos. (Ed. note: oh, do click on Left In Aboite and find that picture of Go Matt Go holding the outhouse.)

May our political outlooks continue to be unbiased and pure, our local media be quick on the story, our bloggers be open to comments, and our cakes be well-iced. Amen!

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