Monday, October 1, 2007

Media sniping

Well, it's Monday and we're feeling a little snipy.
Why, oh why, does Channel 33 even bother to have anything called "news" on at 11 p.m. on Saturdays? Because a more useless waste of ten minutes I cannot imagine, and it was only desperation to find out if St. Francis had won that made us turn it on at all. Channel 15, our TV news of choice, seeming to be on some kind of delay, and Channel 21 the same. Ten minutes of "news" with Eric Olsen, a bit of weather, and no mention that sports of any time (much less a major loss) had happened. But wait! We sure don't want to miss "Between the Studs"! That's just what I'm in the mood for on a Saturday night. I cannot imagine how low the ratings are. And I CANNOT imagine how any out of towners trying to catch the news perceive such a nutty half-hour.
Why I didn't just turn the laptop on in the first place, I don't know. Thank God for the internet.

The reason I got to football games is to watch the bands--especially our fav, Homestead. If the HHS-Carroll game was less than riveting, the band was outstanding as usual. And it's exciting that Homestead now hosts the District competition. I heard bands playing all day Saturday, from morning until evening, and what a perfect day for competion.

Hundreds of students and thousands of spectators participated/attended this first step to a state championship.

And in our beautifully designed, newly colorful local paper? A few measly column inches of coverage. Not a picture in sight.

Ya know, when a similar sports event takes place, not only is it featured with a front-page photo, but then there's full coverage on the sports page, with more photos.

oh, well.

Lastly: Will someone give Jeannette Dillon on WBOI a lesson in how to report the weather. And during the upcoming fund drive, will WBOI set aside a portion of the funds raised to buy the woman either a) a TV set to a local weather channel during her entire shift or b) an extra computer monitor, set to similar.

This morning, as the lightning flashed outside, and the thunder rumbled, and the rain pelted my skylights, she reported that we had seen some "sprinkles" and that we "may see rain up until 2 p.m."

One look at a radar would have told her that a thunderstorm was ensuring.

She just drives me crazy.

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