Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kontroversy -- no kelp!

WANE-TV Coverage You Can Count On: Henry Reacts to Latest Kelty Controversy: "Former Fort Wayne mayor and Newschannel 15 political analyst Win Moses says that detraction from the issues could hurt Henry in the long run.

"The legal troubles of Matt Kelty are just smothering Tom Henry's very good proposals. It does hurt in the sense that his quality of response, his quality of proposals are not getting the play it normally would if not for the legal problems of his opponent. It's hard to make decisions on issues, when so much of the legal problems are overwhelming most decision making."

Exactly what I'm afraid of. If GoMattGo appeals to the voter who wants to support the underdog, and that's their "driver," then his "fighting the system" method of campaigning is extremely effective--unfortunately. And we're NOT talking about stuff that really interests me, like redevelopment, tax relief, city/county consolidation.

I see a lot of Kelty GoMattGo signs in my Aboite neighborhood--and elsewhere. Not as many Henry. Just a casual observation.

What did I get in the mail today? A plea for a contribution to the GoMattGo campaign!

Oh, GoMattGo. I mean, really. Literally. Go.

You really take the kake. Did you want me to write that check to you personally, or to your campaign? Oh darn. Sorry. Fresh out of money for disingenuous political candidates.

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  1. I do not know if this was their plan (which I doubt) or they fell into it. The media and some bloggers are the ones providing the extended coverage of non-issues.

    Then again none of us know, for a fact that Kelty's supporters believe what he has stated is what they believe in.

    After the election we can reflect on if over 50% of the voters where smart or dumb? Then again, that will depend on who wins and who we supported!