Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just one more weird headline day

I must visit a dozen times a day. USAToday ruined themselves for me with their messy useless Web 2.0 redesign (plus their annoying ads), CNN not much better, nor Fox. MSNBC does the best job of keeping headlines updated along with good stuff from Newsweek.
But at any given hour, the mix of headlines can make my head explode.
Like right now (10:25 p.m. Saturday, Indians winning 5-3)
Pep rally tug-of-war results in severed hands
Rise in noose incidents alarms, angers blacks
Hungry Wisconsin burglar eats and runs
59-year-old ‘senior’ plays in college football game
Cosmic Log: New radio eyes on lookout for E.T.
Hundreds take part in Naked Art
Shoplifting granny

All on one page!
The tug-of-war accident is terrible! And it will probably result in the banning of tug-of-war from the entire world, instead of being regarded as a freak accident. Because that's how careful we are now. And maybe we should be....
And where did "noose incidents" come from? Some passive aggressive kind of racism? It doesn't hurt anyone physically, yet expresses hatred across as clearly as a lynching? How many different kinds of hate crimes are humans capable of thinking up? Infinte, it seems....
And did you notice that both these news items are tied together by ... rope?
A hungry burgler? A baby boomer playing college football? ET phoning home? Naked Art? A granny thief?

No wonder I'm addicted to the news; yet it's sometimes so terrible, I make myself avoid news sources for a time--never much more than a day. And the news keeps happening, whether I watch or not.

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