Monday, October 22, 2007

Fox in HD coming by Feb?, Northeast Indiana’s homepage for news, weather, classifieds, community calendars and entertainment.: "We are excited to announce that the company that owns WFFT (Nexstar) is currently in the process of upgrading WFFT to HD. While this process doesn’t happen overnight, our target date is to have WFFT in HD before the Super Bowl in February 2008."

I found this yesterday, as we were arguing about when Channel 55 was going to finally broadcast in HD. Some family members had heard 2009--the last possible moment.

This statement is an update from the last time I visited the site, but I really can't remember if this has been reported by anyone locally. I might must have missed it.

Anyway, great news for sports fans--especially in our house, who have come to hate anything on Fox, because our picture is so terrible.

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  1. Two years ago we went out and purchased our HD TV specifically for the Super Bowl only to discover - to our horror - that Fox wasn't in HD. I've been praying they would take care of it before the big game, so this is great news - if indeed they make the change!