Thursday, October 11, 2007

Even the Huntingtonians are talking

At work, the editors tend to talk about news mostly on the national level. Since a few are from Huntington and a few from Ft. Wayne, and several are transplants from all over, we just don't talk a lot about local politics.
Until today. When everybody wanted to talk about that baked goods, as in, "what is up with that stupid cake!?"
It even infiltrated our family dinner conversation (which had, until then, focused as usual on baseball), when my son commented he had been to a charity function the week before. When the kake kandidate was introduced...he said it was almost as loud as the sound of one hand clapping.
No wonder Mark Souder changed his mind, but not soon enough to make the Kelty flyer I got in the mail today. Souder's endorsement was loud and proud on the back. Guess the presses couldn't be stopped. Didn't notice any cake-decorating recipes on it, darn it! I was hoping for some tips.

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