Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crying women more harshly judged than men - Behavior -

Crying women more harshly judged than men - Behavior - "Setting aside the question of whether those sobs were 100 percent genuine, tears are a natural human response, and public figures are obviously not immune. But some who study this most basic expression of feeling will tell you that in this day and age, it can be easier for a crying man to be taken seriously than a crying woman."

Reading this article was kind of a DUH moment for me.

As a newly hatched employee in 1982, fresh out of college, never having worked in an office before, I was like a baby learning to crawl. My skin was pretty thin, and I'm not a particularly emotional person.

I worked for a small company owned by five middle-aged men -- of the old-school, unenlightened, women shouldn't be in the work force unless they have no kids or their kids are out of school types.

I'm not one to cry in public, either, but there were a couple of situations with co-workers that had me in furious tears in my boss's office. Feeling stupid enough, and half-getting-yelled at for being "so emotional." I was mostly angry--and it was being expressed with tears.

Contrast that to when some of the male bosses got mad--and showed it. Raised voices, red face, profanity, and a general loss of control.

And I was being "emotional"? And that screaming temper tantrum was not a loss of control? Who was being "so emotional"? What was that okay?

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