Thursday, October 4, 2007

Changes for Huntington's Herald-Press Newspaper - News -

Changes for Huntington's Herald-Press Newspaper - News - "Saturday will be the last day the Herald-Press newspaper is printed in Huntington. As Nicole Pence reports, the printing location of the hometown newspaper isn't the only thing changing."

I've worked in Huntington for over 13 years, but we rarely see the Herald-Press in the office--once in awhile when someone's kid is in a picture, or when somebody dies.

And I'm said to report what the natives call it--and remember, I work in an office of editors:

I believe the main complaint was with the proofreading capabilities.

Now, I am aware of one fairly major and wonderfully juicy boo-boo that so was deliciously small-town, the natives had to share it, and a copy made it into the office.

Picture of a former Huntington North star who was playing for a college -- and a lengthy, snarkily snipey placeholder caption dissing the former Viking -- THAT MADE IT INTO THE PRINTED EDITION.

Yea. Can we say, stop the presses?

I'll have to quiz my native friends if the quality of the paper has improved with the new ownership. Or at least the caption writing.

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