Monday, October 15, 2007

Better airport signage

Every time I go to FWA, I am dumbfounded by how bad the signage is. For all the talk about how the airport is the "gateway to the community" and is an international airport and has also been tagged as one of the U.S.'s friendly airports, I would think to a newcomer, it would be nearly impossible to FIND THE THING. I mean, it's hidden behind so much commercial stuff, and the signs are so small!

Wayfinders to the rescue! There's actually a company that will fix our airport signage problem! I'm sure it will only cost a few million, so let's "sign" up now!

"As crowded airports launch expansion and renovation projects, more travelers are getting lost just when time is of the essence. Signage is "a big, big issue" for officials, says Andreas Schimm, a spokesman for trade group Airports Council International. Aggravated customers can mean lost business for airports and airlines." More here»

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