Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beepin' beep

Today at work we began hearing a beep--like when someone has a missed call or a message on their cell. For some reason, in our office of cubes, it's really hard to tell the direction it's coming from.
We all checked our cells...and they were all okay. We narrowed it down to Carrie's area--but not only did she turn her cell OFF, she moved to another area.
And still we heard the beep.
We checked all the computer battery backups. No beeps.
The landline phones, no beeping.
Wracked our brains as to what it could be, came up short.
Finally broke down and call the help desk and asked them to come up.
Before anyone arrived...eureka!
Carrie had confiscated her teenage daughter's phone, put it in her purse...and forgot it was there.
Battery low, beeping commenced.
Thank God! Mystery solved, beeping OFF.
Writing about our cube farm makes me think of Dilbert, so go look at today's strip, it is just a hoot>>
Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, writes a good blog, too>>

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