Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When you go out to lunch

Greg D., who works in Waynedale, went out to lunch yesterday. He drove, with friends, past the First Source Bank on Bluffton Road.
"When we went by on our way to lunch, nothing was happening," he wrote me in an email. "When we went back it was crazy. In the time it took to eat our lunch, somebody robbed the bank!"
I mostly do errands at lunch, and, obviously, most people eat. Some people...rob banks.

On 670TheScore, the question of the day is "As a Cubs fan, are you terrified?" 67% voted...YES. Come over to the Tribe side, Cubs fans...we clinched last week. Now it's on to home-field advantage. Since Cubs are losing right now 7-4 to the Florida Fishes, terror is a good reaction. Only good news: Milwaukee, at this time, losing.

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  1. What bothers me is that the police failed to notify the schools as they searched the area for the bank robbers. Noon recess was underway at St. Therese as the sirens raced through the area & only a parent notifying the school got them on their guard.