Sunday, September 23, 2007


The Pig is sometimes offensive but always entertaining, and I don't know if he's ever been so porkily right as he was in Saturday morning's News-Sentinel.
Tony and Greg, hard-pressed to resist a football game at HHS in good weather, were the ones in attendance Friday night at the Homestead Spartan-DeKalb Baron game.
They came home too early, missed the exciting ending, having broken their own rule about early exits, but with a full report.
Of course, as sports fans, there was the usual breakdown/analysis of plays called by both teams. You know--the Monday-morning-quarterbacking kind of talk.
This included some speculation over why the HECK the game took so long to play, and the quality of the game-clock-keeping.
And the self-flagellation over leaving a few minutes early and missing the Homestead comeback.
But Greg's main observation of the game? The band was awesome, as usual--a possible state championship on the field again. (Full disclosure: as band parent alumni, we are shamelessly prejudiced.) And he wondered--why didn't the band play more during the game? He couldn't remember even hearing the fight song. Why didn't they play outside of the performances?
And, he went on, why, oh why, did they play some tiresome oldies between plays, at timeouts, etc.? Why not music at least from THIS CENTURY?
(Full disclosure: Also, as baseball parent alumni, we have heard the oldies tapes that Coach Potter used way too many times. Greg has long conjectured that the music being played at football games is still...those tapes.)
Back to the Pig: he got it right. I wish he could have heard the hilarity in our home as we read his column aloud, as he nailed the clock problem! OINK!
But it was his right-on musical criticism that had us falling off the bleachers. The only reason we can think of is the possible offensiveness of some 21st century music. SOME. Easily avoided!
And a BIG SHOUT-OUT to the Pig for suggesting the "awesome Homestead band" play more. You go, Pig!

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