Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This sign thing and my diet

Well, I heard on the radio this morning that city council has passed this more restrictive sign ordinance. And part of me is really happy, because the April and October explosion of political signs by the intersections is unsightly, annoying, and useless.
But the notion that this ban extends to all kinds of signs got me thinkin'. I might not miss the "Call 555-5555 for a new, never-opened queen-size mattress!" signs. Nor will I miss the "House Painting by College Students" signs.
And the real estate people worried about their home sales...not sure about that one. The housing market sucks anyway right now, so I feel their pain. But I don't always enjoy looking at their signs for months on end.
But ... what about the "Dog Lost" signs? With a picture of some little dogapoo that is being missed by its family? And offering a reward approximately equal to the sum of the kids' allowances for a month? These signs don't bother me.
Or the "Lordy Lordy Look Who's Forty" signs? With an embarrassing high school photo and everything? Really, once you yourself have endured the ordeal of one's fortieth (and worse) birthday, sharing the experience becomes very important. I don't mind those.
And the signs about what craft show is where on what weekend--hey, I DEPEND on those, not always catching a newspaper announcement. The Deer Ridge craft fair might slip right by me without the signs telling me what Saturday it is. Please, don't take THAT sign away.
But the most important sign of all, the one I BEG city council to make an exception for, to reconvene immediately if this has not already been written into the language, the one that makes my mouth water and my car want to drive immediately to the announced location early:
Oh surely, surely, we shall not have to live without knowing where to get our Nelson's chicken next weekend. Oh! There must be a law!

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