Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A pile of newspapers
I did not attempt to stop my papers over the long weekend, my attempts at that having failed so miserably in July. FYI, five papers, including a Sunday paper, will fit in a newspaper tube w/o spilling out on the ground.
And in between loads of laundry, I had time to look through them all, looking for something different in every edition. And, watched the Channel 15 news at the same time.
Saturday morning paper, it was, did Homestead win its football game? Did Carroll win? (Yes to both.)
Saturday evening, there's two days of funnies to catch up on. Although Funky is getting very difficult to read.
Sunday morning, ads, of course, although I had seen most of them in Ohio.
Monday, not so much going on, slow news day.
What I learned:
People on lakes: mad about not being able to use their motorcraft!
Auburn: lots of cars and people.
Rayes: plea deal.
Bob Sievers: dead.
Labor Day: don't forget why we have it.
Cubs: lost.
Indians: won.
MDA telethon: successful.
TMI: yes.

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