Friday, September 7, 2007

Our 62% tax increase

When one mentions one lives in Aboite, a certain look glazes the face of the (non-Aboite) person to whom one's talking. That person has become Imperioused with NE Indiana regional assumptions--about the affluence level of the folks who live in the Township known as Aboite. Those assumptions most often being just wrong.
So what happens when we Aboiters are sucked into The City against our will? An amorphous, misty estimate of what our tax increase "might" be. Over the course of three years, no one could ever tell one with confidence or exactitude what our taxes would be. The "best guess" always being "around 30 percent."
So what happens in the first year we are to pay our "30-percent" higher taxes? A perfect storm of tax ineptitude by city and state governments (and I lay plenty of blame on the state legislature, this rebate idea is JUST SO DUMB).
The result being, our property taxes for the year are up 62 percent. And that, dear readers, is one hell of a lot of money, no matter how you dice it, or what township you live in.
In my budget, something's got to give.
It won't be my water bill, obviously, since Aqua Indiana, smelling blood, is going after a 100 percent rate increase. They know low-lying fruit when they see it.
It might be my attendance at any Wizards baseball games....

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