Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On the importance of decorative lighting

The sun is the major source of heat and light in our solar system. Enjoying the sun's heat and light is free! Oh, we may pay a price when we enjoy too much of the sun's light. That would be called a sunburn. And, we certainly pay a price in winter, when we do not enjoy so much of the sun's heat; that would be called, damn cold.

In our Newly Annexed homes, we enjoy miniature suns, called lamps, to provide our light.

In our formerly non-annexed neighborhood, we used sunlight during the daytime hours to light our streets. At night, we depended on the kindness of neighbors, to turn their individual outside lamps on for safety.

We shall no longer need to rely on the lighted lamps of neighbors for our nighttime protection.

Indeed, in the last two weeks, our Annexator, The City of Fort Wayne itself, has been seen in my neighborhood installing street lights. No just your plain, everyday, gun metal gray streetlights either for this Aboite addition. Nope. We have rated "decorative street lights." Black poles with lantern-shaped lights. Dang decorative.

A few weeks ago, just about the time the enormity of our tax bill was evident (and sinking in), we received an exceedingly friendly letter in the mail from The Annexator, announcing a wonderful improvement to our neighborhood, courtesy of The City. Decorative street lights! Because Our City cares about us! And it's the Kind of Thing They Do!

You can imagine our delight at receiving this letter, on official City stationary, sent directly to our home in Newly Annexed Aboite.

I couldn't help but think of the letter we never received. (I am not counting the exceedingly unhelpful pamphlets or various other missives we received over the year or so before The Annihilation, sorry, annexation.)

This would be the letter telling me exactly what my property taxes were going to be for 2006, so I could properly plan my budget accordingly. Something different from, and more specific than, "your taxes may go up as much as 30%."

No, didn't get that letter.

But I sure appreciate the letter The Annexator did take time to send, joyfully announcing those Decorative Street Lights.

They are now appearing on our Newly Annexed Streets, not yet lit, yet reaching for the sky, like congratulatory fireworks on a summer's eve.

And I'm wondering if I'll be able to afford to light those miniature suns inside my house, and pay my NIPSCO bill to ward off that damn coldness, while I'm enjoying that bright light from The City's decorative street lights. I'll let you know in January.

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