Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Me and my best CSR buds at Verizon FIOS

We love our Verizon FIOS. Our internet service is speedy and dependable as advertized. Our land line is just like our land line always was, seems to us, but according to them it's even more crystal clear. And the TV does not disappear during thunderstorms. All good.
The bad news: my bill is still so screwed up and so high I may have to take out a loan.
You know the "bundles" they talk so much about, that are supposed to save so much money? So far it seems to me they exist only in the marketer's imaginations.
Verizon's problems seem so inclusive that when you call the 800 number, the automated voice informs you that if you are calling about FIOS bill, and your bundle price is not showing up, don't worry, because it may take three months for it to be applied, and you will receive a full 12 months of the bundle price.
In the meantime, you are stuck paying an outrageous bill.
And if your bill is like mine, you've had FIOS four months and you're STILL not getting a bundle discount!
I've called three times and talked to three different CSRs, all of whom have been very helpful and nice and apologetic. Two of them effected absolutely no change in my bill...and the jury is out on the third.
This last one did seem to take time to explain just what was wrong...and told me what he did to fix it...and told me the amount to pay instead of what my bills says this month.
My fear is that I'll pay this much smaller amount...and all my service will be cut off.

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