Sunday, September 16, 2007

I still think we should be the City of Festivals and Sports

I mean, really, if we are trying to find a personality for Ft. Wayne, what could be more fun? Everybody laughs when I say Ft. Wayne could be party central, but really, if the 3 Rivers Festival committee is starting to do stuff outside July, aren't we going that way anyway? Why not market THAT?
Really, we've already got stuff all summer long...including the music at JP...with just a little effort, we could fill up the fall and winter with stuff....and combine that with our new title of Best Minor League Sports Town and the tens of thousands of people coming to town for all the amateur stuff, from soccer to basketball to baseball and more, don't we actually have the beginning of a personality there?
Festivals and sports, with enough shopping to keep the moms happy. Throw a little free transportation in there...hello! trolleys!... Can a town without a beach or mountains get any better than that?

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